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The ACS is BACK. Despite a move, despite assurances of it being “like, totally random!” once again I am “The Resident.”  One comment that really extremely irritated me about this process from an obvious CB plant on a comments section said something to the effect that– “It is SO difficult to “manage a country of 300 million people” so you should just all shaddup and sent in your ACS.”  Manage?  MANAGE?  Look, I’m a free, grown-up, non-criminal adult.  I don’t NEED managing.  I NEED to be left alone to be a productive, PRIVATE citizen without looking over my shoulder or worrying when Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is going to be posted on public websites for identity thieves because some CB peon had its laptop/notebook stolen.

More fun to ensue, I’ve found some recent ‘research’ which MISSES. THE. POINT. completely re: why citizens are *not* answering these awful (in so many ways) questions.

You’re not alone. You don’t have to answer this stuff– EVER.  More on the non-response contact process as soon as I can get a good summary together.


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