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So, I’ve been busy.  Living a life, raising my family.  It is rather difficult to keep up with the commenting, as I do have at least 12 other things that either need doing or that I would rather do.  But, on a business trip back to the middle of the U.S., I noticed some rather startling developments.  Or, should I say, startling to me.

I’ve been tired of reading about the “obesity epidemic” for some time now.  I’m taking care of my own problem, getting healthy, keeping the A1C and glycomark numbers as close to normal as I can, etc.  But going out & about in middle America, and yes, we’ve got some problems.  Obesity being just one, and to my mind, not the worst.  However, I also believe all theses issues I’m going to put out are also the sole provenance of every individual.  In other words:  Personal. Responsibility.

Ok, first.  If you are heavy, aside from that being your problem, DO NOT compound it by wearing clothing that is 1) ill-fitting and/or 2) leaving important parts hanging out/uncovered.  Truly– ew.  I thought the droopy drawers and not-there skirts on my commute were a problem, but WOW.  If you wear low-rise pants, make sure they are the right size and then have a top that at least covers the waist band.  If (there’s no other way to say this) your behind interfers with the hemline of your skirt, you need a longer skirt.  Sheesh.  If you are over 40, sleeves are good thing.  Just sayin’.

Now, when did paganism take over the Midwest??  What is it with the earspools, ‘cannibal’ nose rings, and tattoos???  (Tattoos, btw, are NOT a clothing substitute.)  When did this happen?  Where did I land?  Now, I do have friends from various Indian tribes who have tattoos rooted in their traditional observances, but for the most part, they are unobtrusive and mostly covered or small.  Fine– their tradition.  But to just *have* them– ostentatious and just there so you can’t even really cover them up if you wanted to?  Um….again, ew.  And then to wear clothing as if people actually wanted to look at something in the small of your back?  This is just….incredible.  And it isn’t always going to look as good or even like anything at all decades after you get it.

All right, so I have definitely changed a bit in my outlook and religious observance.  In my neighborhood, we all walk a lot, and as there are not many restaurants we eat at even in our neighborhood, fast food isn’t an issue for many of us.  I didn’t realize how this may actually effect people’s appearance and deportment.  Yes, there are overweight people, but if you are dressing modestly, perhaps it isn’t quite as noticeable as when someone’s fat is hanging out in plain view.

So I tried not to really notice, but I am appalled that this has apparently become normal.  It does indeed appear that you can’t go home again.

My resolve to not have broadcast/cable or rush after anything in “popular” culture has been renewed and strengthened.  My resolve not to have my children in public schools– likewise.



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